Flight Test Engineer Reunion 2002

 Base Orientation

ARRIVAL:       10 May 02, 0915

DEEPARTURE:       10 May 02, 1545

0830    Buses depart Park Plaza enroute to South Base (one 44-passenger, one 33-passenger)

            Escorted by:  Mr. Ron Mahlum

0900    Pick up Mr. Les Bordelon and Lt Col Steve Herzig at AFFTC Museum

Continue to South Base

0915    Arrive South Base

Global Hawk planeside

Brief by Bob Ettinger

POC:  Lt Col Mike Guidry 5-0632; Capt Tim Jorris 5-0623

ABL briefing

(Story boards in hangar)

POC:  Capt Eric Felt 5-0688

1000    Tour South Base museum aircraft

1020    Depart for flightline tour

Enter at Base Ops gate

1030    Arrive CV-22

Planeside brief

1050    Depart for F-22

1055    Arrive F-22

Briefed on bus at aircraft by:

Mr. Carter Wilkinson, Director of Engineering

Mr. Dan Roth, Director of Projects

POC:  Mr. Dan Roth 7-5316; Lori Wilkens 7-5840

1115    Depart for Club Muroc via Contractor's Row

Exit Bldg 1600 gate

Left on Yeager Blvd

Left on Lancaster Blvd

Right on Fitzgerald

Right on Kincheloe

Left on Bailey

Left on Forbes

Left on Fitzgerald

Right on Oleander

1200    Lunch at Club Muroc - Cost: $10.00 per person

Menu:  Deli Sandwiches, Pasta Salad, Fresh Fruit, Cookie, Iced Tea

Brief current and future Edwards programs

Briefed by:  Mr. Bordelon

1300    Depart Club Muroc for NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

1315    Arrive NASA

POC:  Ronnie Boghosian 276-2004

1320    NASA tour:

Active Aeroelastic Wing

X-43 Hyper-X

Autonomous Formation Flight

1420    Depart for Air Force Flight Test Center Museum

Group Photo

    Depart museum for Park Plaza

The following email is Pete Adolph's recollection of the tour, written while planning for the 2006 reunion tour.


Sent: 1/11/2006 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: Postage budget item

My recollection of the tour is as follows: We started out at the TPS auditorium with an AFFTC overview briefing by Doug Pierson. Our first stop on the flight line was the Global Hawk where Bob Ettinger gave us an overview. We proceeded down the flightline to various CTFs including the V-22 and F-22, ending up at NASA. We then went to the club for lunch.

We had two buses. Les was in one and Ron Mahlum in  the other. Spouses and significant others went on the tour. The main question at this point is- will the tour be free.  Dennis, if that is the case, I recommend that Ron Hart send out a revised invitation for review, crank in any reasonable changes, and go to press next Monday.  Check with Les for details, and I suggest we get George KaiLawai

Cheers from Colorado.