Goodbye, Oregon Storm Watcher

Uncle Larry

Monday we learned that Laura’s uncle, Larry Plews, had lost his battle with kidney cancer. Uncle Larry was an aerospace engineer, having worked at NASA during the 1960’s, and eventually working at Edwards Air Force Base as a civilian contractor. Larry authored several books on aerospace design and testing.

Upon retiring from Edwards AFB, Uncle Larry and Aunt Ellen sold their house in the Mojave Desert, bought an RV, and spent many years just touring the United States. Larry and Ellen eventually made it to the Southeast, where they were able to spend some time with us, then time with Amy in Florida.

Larry and Ellen eventually settled down in Coos Bay, Oregon. I never saw Larry again, but maintained a close contact with him online. Larry went by the moniker “Oregon Storm Watcher” and his Facebook posts were a fresh dose of progressive thought in the vast sea of conservatism.

Larry enjoyed fishing, walking his dogs on the beach, and even discovered a shipwreck on the beach during one of his walks. I am truly sorry I never got out to Oregon for a visit, but I am happy for the little bit of time I got to spend with him, and the continued interchanges online. Larry was one of a kind, and will truly be missed.